www.defymodels.com proud to support new home builders in reaching a whole new market

Today the premier European and UK based management company www.defymodels.com has announced that it is in talks with several new home developers to help them reach a brand new market of untapped consumers.defy-models-jpeg

Dedicated to championing wider representation of transgender/transsexual, intersex, gender queer and gender fluid individuals within mainstream media, www.defymodels.com is the first and only UK modelling management company to solely focus on representing differently gendered models and performers of all ethnicityages and body types.

Director of Scouting & Business Development for www.defymodels.com said,’We are thrilled to have been approached so early in our creation by these big name developers to help create their campaigns.

The fact that forward thinking developers are embracing our message about this poorly represented demographic with disposable income is refreshing. They truly understand both the social need and commercial value in featuring transgender and differently gendered people and their families.

We are proud to be instrumental in supplying our amazingly talented transgender models and actors to appear in future publications and media presentations. It is a long overdue win for both the models we represent and the transgender community as a whole.

As part of our advocacy we have ensured that our models will feature alongside traditional mainstream models within all of these developers’ marketing literature, advertisements and websites. We look forward to pushing our mainstream visibility mission forward, across all other industry sectors in 2017.’

www.defymodels.com was launched with a key goal of eliminating prejudice by increasing the visibility and positive representation of trans and differently gendered individuals throughout all sectors of mainstream media.

The company’s primary market is  European but will soon extend representation into Northern America and the Pacific Rim. The Defy Model Management Team has over 40 years experience of specifically championing transgender individuals. Interested developers can reach the team directly on:clients@defymodels.com or visit www.defymodels.com

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