No fool’s gold in Manchester – business is booming for property lawyers

Mary Nowell shares her thoughts on the North West legal marketplace where business is booming for property lawyers.

A survey by polling organisation YouGov found that Manchester should be the 
UK’s second capital city. That’s probably not a surprise to many people but it’s just more evidence that the future of the North West 
legal scene looks very bright.

In fact, I’m pleased to report that the North West legal marketplace is booming. The last financial year will be heralded as a year of growth, evolution, and a changing legal landscape with the emergence of north shoring, new entrants, and a candidate shortage – all of which have been fuelled by increasing work levels. The provision of legal services by high-street firms continues to evolve as they recognise the need to adapt, drive efficiencies, and differentiate themselves through a consumer-focused service.

As a business, we often look to the newly qualified market as an indicator; this year we have seen record-breaking retention rates coupled with a huge number of external vacancies – especially within transactional disciplines. 
The majority of stories are positive, with firms 
of all shapes and sizes looking to grow and take advantage of increased confidence, thanks in most part to a growing economy. It’s not all rosy, though: crime firms face challenging times in the wake of the tender of duty provider contracts. 
But perhaps with change will come opportunity.

Article kindly shared by Solicitors Journal

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