sMighty Home launches Guaranteed Rent Management Service for Landlords in DA, BR & SE post code areas

Save on your landlord insurance

Innovative Kent based letting agent sMighty Home is offering a Guaranteed Rent Management Service for Landlords in DA, BR & SE post code areas.

Speaking this week Director, Fehintola Abe, said, ‘This is an all inclusive property management service which protects landlords from the stress and costs associated with rental properties. We take on all of the risk and responsibility of managing landlords’ properties. Rent is guaranteed every month, so landlords don’t have to worry about late or missed rent or how to pay the mortgage during void periods.’

The Guaranteed Rent Management Service is proving highly attractive to landlords wanting to enjoy passive income from their rental properties without the usual stress and cost of repairs and maintenance.

sMighty Home’s Guaranteed Rent Management Service is particularly suitable for landlords who:
1. Want the assurance of rent paid monthly – the service offers guaranteed rent at no extra cost.
2. Do not want to deal with the cost of maintaining their property.
3. Want peace of mind – there are no void periods, tenant issues or repairs to deal with.

Apart from a traditional property management and letting service, sMighty Home also work with landlords, property investors and home buyers to find alternative but suitable solutions to any problem they have relating to property ownership.


Further information can be obtained via: or by visiting  or calling 0330 660 0167

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